A German business initiative for international cooperation in the agri-food sector

About us

The German Agribusiness Alliance (GAA) is a German business initiative of leading associations and companies in the agri-food sector.

It serves as a platform to exchange information and expertise, and to pool economic interests in cooperation with transitioning, developing and emerging countries (partner countries) in the agri-food sector. The GAA was formerly known by its German name Arbeitsgruppe Agrarwirtschaft  ("Working Group on Agriculture"). The mission of the GAA is to support the sustainable development of the agri-food sector in partner countries in terms of a modernisation partnership. It works to improve the basic national and international parameters for economic activities in and with the partner countries. In concrete terms, the GAA helps run high-level meetings and conferences on economic policy, accompanies government delegations from partner countries and trips abroad by the German government, and is involved in bilateral committees of selected key partner countries. The GAA also coordinates the "Working Group on Development Partnerships in the Agriculture and the Food Sector" ("Arbeitskreis Entwicklungspartnerschaften im Agrar- und Ernährungssektor"). GAA spokespersons are high-level representatives of companies that are particularly active in the partner countries.
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