A German business initiative for international cooperation in the agri-food sector

Food security matters to all of us

The ever-growing world population poses huge challenges to the international community. How can we provide a secure food supply for the nine billion people who will soon be living on planet Earth? What resources are required for the agricultural sector to produce more and better food in a sustainable and responsible way? Where is untapped potential that could help advance food security? And what contribution can the German agricultural and food industry make towards achieving this goal?

The German Agribusiness Alliance (GAA) is a German business initiative of leading associations and companies in the agri-food sector. It serves as a platform to exchange information and expertise, and to pool economic interests in cooperation with transitioning, emerging and developing countries (partner countries) in the agri-food sector. Working on an equal footing with the partner countries, the GAA makes a valuable contribution to the international success of the German agri-food business to the benefit of all sides.
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